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Allan Menefee andar_b at yahoo.com
Fri May 9 10:17:01 PDT 2008

I'm not sure I actually got on the mailing list, its been rather quiet.

Anyway, I thought I'd say hello again, its been a couple of years since I was able to attend an event.  
A few might remember me, I went to the 2006 Darkwood Arts & Sciences and 2006 Purgatorio, shy kid, played some bocce with Sir Duke Garrick during A&S.  

As is often said, life happened.  I got married during the intervening time, kept dropping by the Darkwood web page, but that's about it.  The family was going to the Pinnacles early in April and I was rather surprised to see the pavilions set up at the fairgrounds and the board painted 'SCA' out front.  My lady begged me to drive down, even if only to see.  I told her I'd show her some pictures, and promised we'd make the next convenient event, that the SCA is something to 'do', not 'watch'.  On our way back, she was disappointed to see that everything was gone, it was Sunday evening after all.

I'm pleased with my 'poet shirt' (is there a more accurate name?) though I will probably make some different pants.  I will need to make or find something for my wife, though.  We are hoping to attend the Mists Games next month, and Darkwood A&S in July, so we've about a month to complete a bit o' garb for her.  Conveniently, I got feast gear shortly after Purg 2006 and its been languishing on a shelf, so that base is covered.

I posted a similar reintroduction to the Hawk's Haven list, but its quiet over there too.  Just wondering what is new in fair Darkwood.  

One more thing, I 'm trying to read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in the middle english, and actually finding it very interesting.  Does anyone know of a resource on pronunciation?  Many of the words seem analogous to our use today, if spelled very oddly to our eyes, others appear to be French, Latin, or perhaps even Norse.  I have yet to say 'bonk' or 'blonk' without chuckling a little.

I must be off,

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