[Darkwood-SCA] Caer Darth Event Thanks...

Tim Converse santiago at santiagosmagic.com
Sun Mar 30 17:49:31 PDT 2008

I am one tired autocrat.  But happy.  And I wouldn't be this happy if it 
weren't for the efforts of several people who were of great help to me 
this weekend.

My thanks to my camp group who acted as my support staff; Rose, 
Staffan,  Ghislaine,  Sheaghdha and Cecilia.  My thanks to Guildmistress 
Sorcha for her representation of the Guild of Defense, my thanks to 
Illidore  for the wonderful games everyone got to play,  my thanks to 
Christopher of Caer Darth who is now my successor to the position of 
Darkwood Rapier Champion, and my thanks to Ximon, Yukiko and Cerridewen 
as well as my congratulations to all of them for having their Guild 
Prizes at my event and their successful completion of those Prizes.

Also, a congratulations to Erich, Lisel and Ghislaine as the newest 
Patrons of The Royal Guild of Defense.

I am both sad and happy.  Sad in that this is the last Caer Darth Rapier 
Event.  Happy, and grateful that the three Great Baronies of The Mists 
have agreed to create "The Falcon's Treaty" to support an annual rapier 
event in it's place.  So a very special thanks to the Barons and 
Baroness' of Darkwood, Westermark and Vinhold.  Next year will be the 
first "Falcon's Treaty Rapier Event" and it will be grand and glorious.

So yes, I am one tired autocrat.  But happy.

Thank you.


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