[Darkwood-SCA] If it rains at White Shield

Cassandra Rossignol cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net
Thu Mar 13 12:37:58 PDT 2008

[ Note: This post was written with tongue firmly in cheek. *grin* ]

This Saturday is White Shield, in Bolado Park, Tres Pinos. 
Unfortunately, it seems that nearly every time we book a one-day event 
at this location the park also schedules some form of hispanic teenage 
coming-of-age dance for that same night  -- usually involving formal 
wear, excessive use of  sequins, and amazingly loud, jarringly 
SCA-incompatible music  -- in the building just across the walkway from 
where we hold the evening portion of our festivities. This seldom fails 
to irritate and detracts from the medieval theme, especially when we are 
attempting to Feast or hold Court. On top of that, the weather forecast 
for this particular Saturday suggests we should prepare ourselves for 
rain and thundershowers.  All day.  :(

But cheer up! We're sure to have lots of fun anyway. In fact, I've just 
had an idea for a new indoor game we can play if the archery range gets 
rained out, guaranteed to liven things up despite the wet and noise and 
to make the evening more enjoyable for everyone!  ...Well, okay, maybe 
just us. *snicker*:

First, we move the archery tournament into the hall where they're 
holding the teenyboppers' dance and change the official rules a bit to 
make it strictly catch-and-release.  Then we lock all the doors and give 
each archer a supply of SCA combat arrows (the ones with the big 
marshmellow pads instead of pointy heads), a bucket of paint into which 
to dip the tips - a different color for each archer - and then sit back 
and watch the fun!

Here are some ideas for assigning points and awards:

(Note: Points are accumulative and more than one category may apply per hit)

* 1 point per hit
* 1 point for targets within 10ft of you, or that are particularly large 
and slow (Dex 8 or lower)
* 1 point for targets that just stand there or are too dimwitted to stop 
* 3 points for targets wearing heels 3 inches or more in height.
* 3 points (and plus 2 karma) for targets wearing neon, sequinned, or 
highly reflective clothing and/or adornments.
* 3 points for targets attempting to confront or reason with you
* 8 points for targets wearing clothing that makes them hard to see
* 8 points for hitting targets while they cower behind or beneath 
something/someone that obscures more than half the target area.
* 8 points for small and/or quick targets (Dex 14 or higher)
* 8 points for hitting ribbon or fabric bows of any kind
* 12 points for any hit on a corsage or any kind of worn flower, real or 
* 12 points for hitting a moving target's shoe
* 12 points for hitting any kind of headdress or hair covering 
(hairspray, glitter, falls, and Miss Clairol do not count)
* 15 points for any hit on a target engaged in acrobatics

* Most hits on a single target
* Most hairdos toppled
* Most sequins removed
* Most chaperons vanquished
* Most debutantes ransomed

* Speaker's Bane: (Should be self-explanatory.) To be awarded in lieu of 
"Tree Killer," since the tournament will be indoors.
* Hero of White Shield:  Awarded for most hits on the DJ.
* Darkwood Avenger:  Awarded for most hits on the person responsible for 
scheduling the dance during our revels (possibly in tandem with some 
sort of Baronial reward if it turns out they're responsible for past 
scheduling conflicts  on our lands as well).

Yours in Service,
  - Cassandra, who is considering bringing her bow...you know, in case 
it rains. *evil grin*

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