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 I am sending this to the MdR and Darkwood seneschals.? Please get back to her this is Glenn's mom.

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I have been asked by the Highland Games committee if we wanted to hold our annual demo this year. It will be held?on July 5-6 in Toro Park, just off Hwy 68 in Salinas. I know that it is 4th of July weekend and during the West/AnTir war, so I am unable to attend since I am already committed to go to that, but I thought there would be enough of us not going that?Darkwood could still support this. 


This demo is a great opportunity for us to gather new interest in the SCA. It is where we found our current Baron and Baroness and is a lot of fun to boot! I would really like for us to show the diversity of interests the SCA has to offer. While yes, the fighting usually gets the initial interest, I think there are a lot of folks out there that are equally, if not more interested in the arts and sciences aspects as well. 


So what we are looking for are outgoing, knowledgeable people that would be willing to show off their talents and really talk up the SCA. We usually only get 10 passes per day, so I?would like it if those that volunteer are as engaging as possible with anyone that shows interest in what we are doing that weekend. So if you are interested, please let me know. Also, if anyone would like to take over organizing this, since I won't be in town that weekend, I would appreciate that too. I can do all the initial work, if no one is interested in that part, but I really do need someone to coordinate efforts on the days of the demos. 


Thanks for your support!



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