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The rescheduled Huscarl practice is happening tonight. It starts at 7 pm. It
is located on the top floor of the parking garage on Salinas St.(starts out
as Main from 101) between W. Alisal St. and W. San Luis St. in Salinas. As
usual there will be armored and unarmored drills. As always rapier fighters
are welcome. Unfortunately we won't be able to do a BBQ. But we will
probably go out some place after.


August War Practice will be held in conjunction with Caer Darth Day on the
Green. Let's not only get our war on but support this new Caer Darth event.
The following is the information about CDDOG from Master Juan.


August 16th, 11:00 to 3:00 (possibly later...)

Garfield Park
634 Almar Avenue
Santa Cruz

If you are a fighter, bring your toys, heavy and rapier. Archers, 
please bring stuff as well. I'm not sure if we'll be able to do it, but 
if we can, that would be excellent as well. If you are not a fighter, 
bring your projects. Rose and Juan are bringing their sunshade, but 
additional ones are welcome. Bring picnic stuff for yourself and 
something to share. We may be able to grab a BBQ as well.

Fun. Duh. *SMILE*


This site is the park we used to use for Huscarl practice in CD.

Remember that Mists-Cynagua War is coming up in September. Get your gear
together and support our Prince as he instructs our dirty duck brethren to
the east on proper war mayhem.

In October join the Mighty Army of the West as we converge on Caid and bring
our wrath to the Great Western War. Show the Crown of the West the strength
of Darkwood by coming and participating not only in combat but in other
contests of skill at the war. After we have shown our worth we will have a
Skulling for all new Huscarls and share our adventures around the Baronial


Here is the link for information about The <http://www.caid-gww.org/>  Great
Western War .

Eric Bjornsson, Warlord of Darkwood


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