[Darkwood-SCA] Letter of Intent from Baroness Arabella and Master Eric

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Unto the Baron, Baroness, and Populace of Darkwood,
Baroness Arabella McQuharg and Master Eric Bjornsson, OP, with considerable thought and council, have decided to put forth ourselves for consideration as the next Baroness and Baron of Darkwood.
Eric has been part of Darkwood since its inception under Baron Sebastian. Arabella has been an active member of The Barony for all of Baron Erich and Baroness Liesel’s reign.
Arabella has autocratted three of the last five White Shields including the Twentieth Anniversary. We have worked as a team to Autocrat and be Head Cook for The Baroness’ Masked Ball. Arabella is the current Page School minister. She has been, with Eric, co-Regalia officers. As well as served as List Mistress for two years. 
Eric has been the Warlord of Darkwood since the time of Baron Wilhelm. Additionally he is the party coordinator. He has served as Baroness Elizabeth’s bodyguard.  Eric has served as the Marshal for Darkwood for many years. He is also one of the first Rangers of Darkwood. First as captain then Warlord of the Darkwood Huscarls, Eric has lead the Baronial Army in war serving under both Barons Wilhelm and Erich.
Eric is a Master of the Pelican. He is currently Deputy Earl Marshal for the Marches. He has served as War Marshal for the West and Marshal of the Principality of the Mists. Arabella is the Deputy List Mistress of the Mists. Arabella has also been the autocrat for West Kingdom events. We have both served on many kingdom and principality courts.
We have fostered the Arts and Sciences in The Barony. Eric has served as administrator of the Darkwood Tapestry Project. Arabella completed three panels of the Tapestry. Arabella has created many pieces of regalia for The Barony. We have taught classes both at Darkwood A & S and at our home.
The Barony of Darkwood has been our home for many years and has a special place in our hearts. As The Barony of Darkwood has nurtured and supported our growth we hope to continue this tradition of service and return the love and support.  We hope to take the traditions created from the past Barons, Baronesses, and populace of the Barony of Darkwood to continue the growth and prosperity of our amazing group.
 As always in service,
Arabella McQuharg and Eric Bjornsson
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