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Greetings to Baron Erich and Baroness Liesl, Mistress Katherine and the populace of Darkwood from Master Juan Santiago and Dame Rose de LeMans.
After due consideration, we would like to formally announce our interest in becoming the next Baron and Baroness of Darkwood.
Juan and Rose are both long-term members of the SCA, residents of the West Kingdom, Darkwood and the Canton of Caer Darth.  We are both paid members in good standing.
Both of us have considerable history in the Kingdom, and have been active on all levels and in many different fields.  Juan is a Master of the Laurel for magic and theatre, is the Dean of Students and a Provost in the West Kingdom Guild of Fence, teaches rapier at Caer Darth's weekly fighter practice, has held various offices at the principality, barony and canton levels, and has served on several royal courts and guards.  Rose is a Laurel for performing arts and costume research, and a Pelican, has held offices at all levels, arranges Arts and Sciences displays, and mentors students of diverse arts.  Together, we have run collegia, autocratted events and cooked and served feasts.
As most of you probably know, Rose is currently the Kingdom Seneschal and plans to continue serving the Kingdom until October Crown, 2009.  We want to assure you all that we took this commitment seriously when we discussed whether or not to step forward as Baronial candidates.  Corpora states that "a territorial Baron or Baroness may hold any other Society office for which he or she is fitted and qualified, save only those of Baronial Seneschal and Baronial Exchequer, but must not allow the duties and responsibilities of such office and the office of Baron or Baroness to conflict."  We know from experience that holding multiple offices can be difficult, however we feel that we are up to the challenge and we welcome it.
Juan and Rose are dedicated to the Kingdom of the West and the Barony of Darkwood, our friends and chosen family, and look forward to the chance to serve the Barony in the future.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with all members of the Barony and invite you to contact us with your questions and comments.
We remain in service,
Juan Santiago and Rose de LeMans
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