[Darkwood-SCA] War Practice/CDDOG

George Carlquist redbeargc at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 16 20:52:29 PDT 2008

We had a great practice today at Caer Darth Day-on-the-Green. Thanks to the
populace of Caer Darth for having this fun event and letting us have our
practice there. We even had a visit from an expatriate Huscarl. I am looking
forward to the next CDDOG.


Don't forget Mists-Cynagua War will be on the weekend of Sept. 12th in
Cynagua. It will be an overnight event. We will have a skulling for the new
and maybe some old Huscarls Saturday night. Come join the mighty army of the
Mists as we train the dirty ducks of Cynagua in the art of war!


Eric Bjornsson

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