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Andrea Dutton ladyawrabella at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 16 12:31:53 PDT 2007

  Sorry for the cross posting.
  By now those of you who are going to Mists Coronet have probably read 
the description of the lists for the day. As it is not the standard 
list structure, it also requires more than the standard number of 
people to work it. I am recruiting for the lists. In particular, I 
am recruiting "list recorders" for the round robin portion of the 
lists. If you have never heard that worker category, it is new. It 
requires you to be able to sit near the field assigned to you and 
record the win/loss of each fight on a list sheet that will be 
pre-filled in with the fighters and their assigned fights for each 
round. You will also take a set of list cards (one for each fighter 
on your field so between 6 to 9) and arrange them in pairs according 
to the numbers on your sheet and hand them to the herald (so the 
herald has the names to be announced for each fight ... this can be 
done once at the beginning of each round since you have all the 
pairings written for you on the list sheet. This is a job that could 
easily be done by a consort who plans to be at the field anyway 
watching the fights or by someone who wants to learn more about the 
lists but feels uncomfortable with the idea of number-pairing or 
jumping into the midst of a crown or coronet list. Since I need a 
list recorder for each field, I will need between 4 and 8 people for 
this (I won't know the exact number until we know how many fighters 
sign up which will determine how many fields we will be running).

Lists pages will be needed for the second portion of the lists 
only. The round robin portion will have a list recorder at each 
field and so a list page will not be needed for the round robin 
portion. List paging is a wonderful job for a young person, but it 
can be done by adults as well. Without competent list pages, the 
cards do not get to the fields in the proper order or back to the 
list table quickly which causes delays in the lists. It is an 
important job and you get to watch a bunch of fighting. You don't 
have to work the entire lists if you volunteer... unless you want to 
... a couple rounds and then you're done. Bribery alert....I provide 
snacks for the lists people (usually healthy and not as healthy ;-)) 
at the table and I have water available ... bring your own tankard.

Any questions, please contact me off-list or come see me friday 
evening of Coronet.

Please be aware that with the changes in the lists format, the lists 
table will need to be able to concentrate on the lists so please do 
not come by for friendly chatting (wave hello then find us after the 
lists and offer us a drink) and if we look busy or harried ... we 
probably should not be disturbed except for an emergency ... please 
wait a moment if you need to talk with us... we will not be rude on 
purpose but disturbing the concentration can lead to problems in the 
lists and delays. This does not mean those who are working with us 
such as the herald, marshals and lists pages ... your input we need 
and we will tell you if we need a minute. Fighters ... this list 
will be different and there are some changes that take us back to 
older days. Byes will not be fought and we will be bouncing that 
fighter to the top of the list ... you will fight your next fight at 
the same time as you would have... you will not get a delay (unless 
there is a break for a melee while pairing happens in the later 
rounds but don't count on it). You will be paired with the fighter 
at the top of the list ...this makes pairing easier later on.

At this time, it also looks like we will be using one list sheet 
(versus a lists sheet for each field) and each fight going out to the 
next field available ... so you may not be able to count on which 
field to watch for... it will be important to pay attention to which 
fighters are ahead of you in the lists and to listen to the herald's calls.

Thank you for your understanding in advance,
Duchess Megan
Lists Minister for the Mists

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