[Darkwood-SCA] A plea for help at Masked Ball

The MOMstable the_momstable at rocketmail.com
Thu Oct 25 19:35:38 PDT 2007

Greetings all,

After a long absence, Cassandra Rossingol is making an attempt to
return to SCA events.  Masked Ball will be the first (of we hope many)
attempt.  In order to do so, she needs help.  Some things have already
been arranged: a ride to and from the event, crash space, a place to go
in case of an emergency and transport to that.  

What is still needed are a few people to act as an attendant for her
during the event.  Her health is precarious enough that she needs
someone with her constantly to make sure she is doing okay.  She would
not ask this of us, but *I* do ask for my friend.  Her needs are few,
and relatively simple.  Mostly she needs someone to be nearby with one
eye and an ear peeled.  I have a couple lined up, but need several

Here is a list (in her own words) of what she will need from an

1. It is NOT the job of the attendant to entertain me. In fact,
over-enthusiasm in that department can be quite draining and make me
use up spoons at an accelerated rate. Likewise, the attendant should
not expect me to entertain him/her, and should endeavor not to take it
personally if I am quiet for long stretches or need to rest. If I am
too animated and active too early in the day, I will use up all my
spoons (i.e. energy) and won't have any left for later or the trip
home. So it is important I remain calm and quiet as much as possible.

2) Don't leave me unattended for more than a minute or two at a time.
This means remaining in line of sight and easy earshot, and keeping an
eye/ear out for any attempts I may make to get your attention. 
3) Keep in mind that my condition may fluctuate or suffer sudden
changes with little or no warning. If so, I may not be able to speak
loudly or very much to alert you to the problem, and so you may not get
a complete explanation of exactly what the problem is until after the
problem has passed. I may need to be suddenly moved or need my bag of
medicines, or my emergency kit, or food, or water, or any number of
things, depending upon the situation, and any delay in making it happen
could be, well, bad. So please, DO first, and ask clarifying questions

4) An attendant is often asked to function as an extension of the
patient, to do or assist in doing the things the patient cannot do on
her own - like fetch and carry, call out to get someone's attention or
bring them to the patient, push the wheelchair around, or help the
patient stand/sit/whatever.

5) I know exactly what to do if a medical emergency arises. I can
usually speak at least a little, and if not, a pad of paper and writing
implements will be amongst my possessions. Experience has taught me
that my mind remains clear and functional right up to the point that my
airways become completely blocked, so my attendant needs to LISTEN to
me and carefully follow all instructions quickly and to the letter. 

 6) During the changing of the guard, or if my attendant needs to hand
me off to someone else for a while, they need to brief the new
attendant on the basic Do's and Don'ts and shown where my medical
supplies are being kept before leaving me alone with him/her.

 7) Although I strongly wish to avoid being relegated to the
"sidelines", I prefer not to be the center of attention if it can be
avoided - it is draining and makes me uncomfortable. I am perfectly
content to sit quietly amongst other event attendees as they talk,
work, or whatever. It allows me to feel that I am still part of the
group without placing undue demands on my spoon supply.

Cassandra will be at the event fairly early, at opening.  She will
remain as long as she has the energy to do so.  I've arranged for
someone to come and get her when she tires and take her to where she'll
be spending the night.  

Please, please, let's do this for one of our own.  She misses everyone
so much.

Thank you,


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