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Sun Nov 25 03:17:23 TZ=PST 2007

Greetings all,

This is Seamus (Jim) and I have a request that I hope someone can help me with.  My unit and I are trying to find a doctor, hospital, organization, program that can assist us with a project.  There is a lovely young Iraqi woman, 17 y.o., who is suffering from the advanced stages of kidney failure.  We are looking to try to get her the procedure necessary to help her but there are no hospitals in Iraq (Iraqi or US) that are capable of helping her.  I am therefore turning to my incredible group of friends to help me find a doctor, hospital, organization, program that will be able to assist her, preferably a charitable one.  I would prefer that it be through either the US or Europe.  As group emails are too difficult to handle for my email, please contact me directly at this email address: marlztone at yahoo.com.  I thank you for any assistance that you are able to provide me.  Please send any info that you find to me at the same address.  Our Chief Medic is
 able to provide any interested medical professionals medical information that better details her condition.  Feel free to distribute this message to anyone or any lists that you think may help.  If you know any details about my unit, please do not disclose them.  Again, thank you,

Seamus (Jim)

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