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Andrea Dutton ladyawrabella at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 6 20:02:49 PST 2007

Wow, what an event!!!!!  Darkwood's 20th Anniversary was amazing.  I don't know where to begin, there are so many wonderful people that made this all happen.  
Katherine ni Cheallaigh of Skye, great feast!!!  Rosewitha, Anton, Frances, William thank you all so much for all of your help in the kitchen.  Every time I popped in everyone was hard at work and things smelled great.  Alf of King's Crossing, Lucius, Anton, Shay, Jared, Na'arah, Etain, Rhys (Alf's Son), THANK YOU all for making the kitchen clean up happen, you all Rock!!  Micheal of Hawk's Haven, Alfe, Vyncent, Hrafn, Anton and everyone else that helped with clean up, I can not thank you enough.  
We ended up with over 40 heavy fighters and a dozen rapier fighters.  It was a good day!  Garrick was the victor at the end of the day,  Rhys took the Baronial champion.  Baron Wilhlem and Anton did an amazing job running the field.  Thank you to everyone that helped with set up and tare down.  Thank you to Adriana, Kat, and Anne for running the list and heralds.  Thank you to all from outside the Barony for coming down to help make this event a great success.   Disa did a great job with page school, the kids look like they were having fun.
Branwen and Flieg, thank you for your beautiful presentations during the feast.  Isela and Detrick, you did a great job with the head table.  Baron Wilhelm, thank you, your kids did an wonderful job.  Rose and Juan, wow great job with the hall and server's.
I would like to thank all of the Royals that attended the event, it was a pure pleasure having all of you there.  This was an unbelievable event, truly a once in a life time.  Thank you to everyone that made this event happen.    
A special thanks goes out to Raymond von den Lowengrab for designing the incredible tickets and invitations.  
Awrabella McHargue

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