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I'm sure that any assistance will be appreciated, once they figure out  
what to do next.  At the moment, this is all the info we have.


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I just spoke with Seamus Padraig O'Baiogheallain mì-Nàrach, aka Jeff Boylan.

The house he was living in, owned and rented out by Sabrina Goldbender
and Frank The Fortunate, in Santa Cruz has suffered a fire last night at
about 9:00 pm.  No people were hurt, though at this time it is known
that two felines were lost, including Seamus' Agatha.

The entire laundry room and kitchen, which were both at the back of the
house, are gone.

Everyone is fine, but obviously stunned.  Seamus is currently unable to
get on-line so asked me to let people know.

Anyone who wishes to send support of any kind may contact me and I will
coordinate all the efforts I can.

Thank you.

Tim "Santiago" Converse

Enter a World of Elegant Magic

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