[Darkwood-SCA] Donations For the Archery Prize Table!

Lizabeth Workman deliriumskid at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 14 20:11:34 PST 2007

Hi All
Sorry this is coming out late but if anyone is planning on attending the Hawks Haven/Darkwood Archery Event this coming saturday, and can donate something to the Archery prize table it would be deeply appreicated!!!

If you can not make it, but can donate something let me or someone going to the event know and maybe arrangements can be made to pick it up.  I will be at the Fremont Fighter practice Tuesday night, and if the Baron is having armoring night weds, there weds night. I swear I will be someplace else between there but for the life of me can not remember where!!!

Any prizes not claimed will be returned or used to bribe others later on....


To Steed! To Steed!

-- Zinaida Or'shaia!

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