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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 15:30:53 -0800
Subject: [mistsprincipality] Shire of Esfenn's Feast of Fine Arts

        YES! I am now being rented out to shill for other groups! Soon all of my
e-mails will fall into the SPAM folder! But until then...

The Shire of Esfenn, my neighbor to the northeast, will be hosting a
fabulous feast on February 10th that is being prepared by Johanna Ludwiger von Hertesbergk. In between these courses will be spaced performing arts
with sing-alongs, dancing, and performances by our favorite local
artists! Other fun activities for the evening include a table decorating
contest and an arts display. The contest winner will be chosen by
acclaim. No documentation is necessary, but the period art of BRIBERY is
encouraged. For the arts display, please bring your complete or
in-process project to show off. Or bring someone else's. We don't mind
if they don't mind.

Feast tickets cost $15 and are ONLY available by pre-sale. No feast
tickets will be sold at the door. There is no site fee for off-board
seats, but we'd love to know you're coming. Please contact the autocrat
Alys Sheffield (LMG1138 at netscape dot net) as soon as you can! Tickets
are going fast, that's why they want me to make this announcement. Do
not wait until the last minute or else they'll all be gone!

We may consume alcohol on the premises after 6 p.m. You may bring your
own beer or wine (mead counts) to enjoy after that time. No hard alcohol
is allowed on site. Site opens at 2pm and will close at 9:30pm

>From 880
Exit Stevenson and go east toward the hills. (That's LEFT if you are
coming from the north, RIGHT if you're coming from the south.) Turn
RIGHT on Paseo Padre Parkway. Turn LEFT into the parking lot from the
light at the corner of Mission View Drive.

>From 680
Exit Washington Blvd / Irvington District. Turn LEFT onto Washington.
Turn LEFT onto Paseo Padre. Turn RIGHT into the parking lot from the
light at the corner of Mission View Drive. 

For more details, see the Esfenn website: http://www.esfenn.org (the
menu will be up shortly)

This message has been brought to you by:
Francisco Acero

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