[Darkwood-SCA] White Shield Herald Consultation Table

Anne of MDR anneofmdr at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 27 06:50:49 PST 2007


Have you received your Award of Arms, don't have your name and device
registered and are wondering what to do next?  Have you submitted your name
and device and they came back for more work and you need to talk to a
Consulting Herald to help you?  Are you planning to attend White Shield this
year?  If so we can help you!  

The Kingdom Latimer Herald, Owen ap Morgan, has graciously agreed to attend
and provide Herald Consultations.  He will be available from after
Invocation up until the feast begins.  Please bring your ideas, questions
and any paperwork you may have regarding your name and device. 

See you at White Shield!

Anne Fitz Richard
Formerly Anne of MDR. 

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