[Darkwood-SCA] MDR/Whiteshield

Shaun Henderson shenderson6752 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 26 08:44:50 PST 2007

Just wanted to thank everyone for letting me come out to MDR, it was really 
fun, even if I couldn't stay for long, the knights were awesome to watch, 
and me and Shay got some good fighting in (thanks buddy.)

I was thinking about coming up to Whitecastle (shield, sorry) with my wife, 
(provided the movers havn't taken our stuff yet,) so I was wondering how I 
would go about getting tickets for that, or if I even can now, but I would 
love to compete if there is going to be a light fighters competition.

Also, on a different topic, I was told that I could get a helm kit from 
someone in the area, and I'm very interested, the only problem is I'm going 
to be leaving probably in the middle of next week, so I would need it really 
soon. If the person that makes those could get in touch with me, I would 
apprediate it. I don't want anything particularly fancy, just a simple spun 
top with a big grill.

Thanks for everything to everybody, I really appreciate the welcome we've 
recieved. Hope to hear from ya'll soon.


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