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I'm sorry for the bandwidth.  Following is a partial list of
scrolls that Aja da Varese created, that I know have been
delivered to their recipients...

Aja's family is planning a celebration of her life, and would
like to display some of her art.  If you are on this list and
would be willing to lend your scroll, I promise to deliver it
safely back to you.  Fabian and I will be at White Shield and at
March Crown - please contact me off list if you would be willing
to bring a scroll to either of us at one of those events.

I don't have any records of where Aja's needlework projects
went, but if you have any of her needle art that you'd be
willing to loan, please contact me offline.

Thank you so much,

     Anastasia Grindstead of Raven Oak 	Leaf of Merit (Cynagua)
     Anne Fawnhaven 	Leaf of Merit (Cynagua)
     Annora de Montfort of Shadowood 	Baroness (West)
     Annora de Montfort of Shadowood 	Rose Leaf (West)
     Antonio Giordano da Sicilia 	Baron (West)
     Athena Dalassena 	Rose Leaf (Cynagua)
     Balin the Hunter 	Leaf of Merit (Cynagua)
     Beli Bailey of Kintyre 	Award of Arms (Mists)
     Branwen ferch Emrys 	Leaf of Merit (Mists)
     Cariadoc of the Bow 	Knight (West)
     Carol the Just 	Leaf of Merit (West)
     Cassandra de la Tour 	Baroness (West)
     Christopher of Wintreborne 	Award of Arms (Cynagua)
     Conner McAuliffe FitzJames 	Baron (West)
     Conor Weisszahn 	Viscount (Cynagua)
     Éireannach Katleen Nic Ghiolla Chainnigh 	Laurel (West)
     Elizabeth of Dragonmoor 	Leaf of Merit (West)
     Francis Goodfellow of Saxony 	Leaf of Merit (Cynagua)
     Frederick Thurstone 	Leaf of Merit (Cynagua)
     Fredric of Castlerock 	Rose Leaf (Cynagua)
     Fredrick of Woodlyn 	Leaf of Merit (West)
     Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus 	Leaf of Merit (Cynagua)
     Gareth of Crawford 	Leaf of Merit (Cynagua)
     Geneviève de Vendome 	Baroness (West)
     Georg of Glacier's Edge 	Leaf of Merit (Oertha)
     Gerstan Heah Leah 	Baron (West)
     Ginevra da Ravenna 	Rose Leaf (West)
     Gwendolyn the Rat Keeper 	Baroness (West)
     Isa von Speyer 	Viscountess (Cynagua)
     Isolea di Bari 	Award of Arms (Mists)
     Ivan of Navarette 	Master of Arms (West)
     Joseph de la Tour 	Baron (West)
     Kara of Golden Rivers 	Leaf of Merit (Cynagua)
     Katherine ní Cheallaigh of Skye 	Leaf of Merit/AA (West)
     Katira al-Maghrebiyya 	Leaf of Merit (Mists)
     Katira al-Maghrebiyya 	Viscountess (West)
     Kevin Peregrynne 	Rose Leaf (Mists)
     Khaalid al-Jaraad 	Rose Leaf (Cynagua)
     Leticia de Scocia 	Rose Leaf (Cynagua)
     Lorenzo di Nebbia Argentea 	Baron (West)
     Lucrezia Ana Callista Caracciola da Venezia 	Baroness (West)

     Lyndia of Woodlyn 	Leaf of Merit (West)
     Madihah al-Bagdadiyya 	Rose Leaf (Cynagua)
     Margarita Catherine di Calvi 	Leaf of Merit (West)
     Marian Cwmbran 	Rose Leaf (Cynagua)
     Mariana Silversea 	Leaf of Merit (Cynagua)
     Megan nic Alister of Thornwood 	Baroness (West)
     Michael of Caer Myrddin 	Award of Arms (Mists)
     Morgan Lyonel 	Leaf of Merit (West)
     Morgana yr Oerfa 	Leaf of Merit (West)
     Patrice du Coeur Fidel 	Rose Leaf (Mists)
     Rayne Louveciennes 	Baroness (West)
     Robert of Woodsende 	Baron (West)
     Sabrina de la Bere 	Baroness (West)
     Savaric de Miraval 	Award of Arms (West)
     Savaric de Miraval 	Baron (West)
     Shaheena al-Riyadhi 	Rose Leaf (West)
     Siobhan ni Seaghdha 	Baroness (West)
     Siranna of Hawthorn Hall 	Baroness (West)
     Stephen de la Bere 	Baron (West)
     Sunara al Badawiyya 	Rose Leaf/AA (Cynagua)
     Toran Weisszahn 	Rose Leaf (Cynagua)
     Vigdís vestfirzka 	Leaf of Merit (Cynagua)
     Vincenzo di Calabria 	Baron (West)
     William Warren 	Leaf of Merit/AA (West)
     Wilowen of Stuarts 	Baron (West)

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