[Darkwood-SCA] T-shrits and more for White Shield

Erick Davidson windsor61 at hughes.net
Fri Feb 2 13:33:04 PST 2007

Wow that is so cool.  I want them all like pokemons.  Can't wait to order some.
Baroness Liesl

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Sorry everyone,
Everything is on Zazzle.com

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Subject: [Darkwood-SCA] T-shrits and more for White Shield

I have been working on down loading the art work from Raymond and Randal.  They are all wonderful.  All but one image is up.  I will have George figure out why it would work when he gets up this afternoon.  For now take a look at the images, play around with some of the different products you can put them on.   The user name: awrabella  password:  booboo1061  

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