[Darkwood-SCA] Call for Bards, Punsters, and Alumni (addendum)

Cassandra Rossignol cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net
Thu Oct 12 16:39:42 PDT 2006

How could I have forgotten?!?!

There are three, not two, bardic prize competitions happening at the 
below event.  The third one is "Bard's Choice".... Any form.  Just do 
something to help blot out the memory of that punning contest!

  - Cassandra,  the forgetful Bard of the Oaks

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Greetings to the List!

You may have heard that the College of St. David is celebrating its 30th 
anniversary this Saturday.  There'll be the usual fighting for a prize 
and all that, of course, but the autocrat has acquired a whole pile of 
nifty prizes to give away at this event.  Why should they all go to the 

There'll be two Bardic *Prize* Competitions at this event. 

The first one is pretty standard.  It's called 3-Words-From-A-Hat.  
Contestants pull three pieces of paper from a hat, each with a different 
word written on it.  The contestants then compose a poem, story, or song 
in which all three words are used and perform it for the judges and 
populace before the end of the event.

The second is a punning contest.  That's right, a PUNNING CONTEST.  
Punning for a *prize*.  ...So if you have punny stories you aren't 
allowed to tell at home anymore, or have ever been exhorted to "Get thee 
to a punnery!" don't miss your chance to simultaneously entertain and 
torment a captive audience!

...And our third and final official bardic activity of the day will be 
the Storytelling.  This being St. David's 30th anniversary and all, 
we're hoping all you St. David's Alumni will come regale us new kids 
with your favorite stories and memories of your time at the college.  
Display space is available if you have photo albums to exhibit or any 
made-on-a-starving-student's-budget garb or armor to show off. 

As usual, members of the populace wishing to help entertain attendees 
with either casual or formal performances are most welcome.  Come see me 
at the event and I'll get you set up.  :)

Event details are posted to http://www.cassandracrafts.com/sca/csd30yr.html

Hope to see you there!

 - Cassandra Rossignol
   Bard of the Oaks

/[NOTE:  Posted on behalf and by request of the autocrat.  Please 
cross-post as appropriate.]

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