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Lizabeth Workman deliriumskid at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 21 17:27:50 PST 2006

I am sure Collette will write up an official update but from my
standpoint for our first official practice it was a blast.

As Robert and Colette have mentioned we had about 20-25 riders and I
would say about 10-15 people sitting up in the bleachers watching and
taking pictures. So about 40 people all together. WOW!

We had our quintain, jousting lanes, archery and the games run. We
had lots of boffers, pool noodles and other equipment. A few people
made garb and we even had a wee princess show up ( age 8 :).

Colette and Joeys mom did a phenomenal job getting people authorized.
Alessandro was awesome manning the quintain. We had Gwenessa and Amy
who helped at our sign up table and helping handing off equipment.
Sir Corwyn helped out getting equipment set up ( he built a wonderful
quintain!) and helping riders be safe and learn the rules. A special
thanks to Dauid for taking a day out of his busy schedule and running
our archery range. This made the day extra special! Robert of course
was helpful everywhere!!!

Our feedback was very positive! Many of the riders want to do this
again, NOW!! heheheee! so I expect a high percentage of return riders
at our next practice :) Everyone had fun! We were able to set up
everything in the large arena and still have the cross country course
and dressage arena to do warm ups. We had no accidents and I dont
think any safety violations. (Collette will fill that in). We also
raised 140$ for the horsemen association!! Whohoo!

Feedback :
We had several riders provide feedback but we will combine this for
our next Eq. meeting :).

Thanks Everyone!!! This was a tremendous success!!!

Once the SCCHA calender opens up in january we can set our practices
for 2007.


Bjorn of Novgorod!
Good horsemanship is not bought, its earned and is never sacrificed for performance.
-- Bjorn


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Today's Topics:

   1.     Darkwood Choir practice for Tuesday, Nov. 21, Seaside
      (John Rossignol)


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From: John Rossignol <giguette at pacbell.net>
Subject: [Darkwood-SCA]     Darkwood Choir practice for Tuesday, Nov. 21,
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The Darkwood Choir will meet for practice Tuesday, November 21, at the 
home of Frances and Badger.  Bring your favorite tea.

*** We welcome newcomers.

As I mentioned last week, we will most likely spend some time learning and reviewing parts to sing along with the West Kingdom Choir at Jingles and 12th Night.  This is an opportunity for the Darkwood Choir to participate in some 4- or 5-part works which we currently cannot perform on our own.

I have been unable to reach Alessandro to find out exactly what the set lists will be, but I should be able to find out tonight at WK Choir practice.  The pieces listed below are usually included, and practice files are posted in the Files section of our Yahoo group.  

Joseph Lieber
Riu, riu, chiu
Vitrum nostrum gloriosum

The West Kingdom Choir will probably also perform some other works which time has not permitted DW Choir to learn yet, such as Victoria's "O magnum mysterium".  Maybe next year we can work on some of these bit by bit through the year.

Time:   Tuesday, November 21, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Place:  329 Ardennes Circle, Seaside, CA 93955

>From Highway One, take the Main Entrance onto Fort Ord
(Light Fighter Drive).

At the 3rd light, turn RIGHT onto General Jim Moore Blvd. (the right-turn
lane splits off a bit before the signal light).

Go past the second light, get into the first available left-turn lane,
and turn LEFT onto ARDENNES CIRCLE.  (There may be barriers up for road 
construction, but you can still turn there.)

Take the next immediate RIGHT hand turn.

At the stop sign, proceed on the left-hand branch.

Frances' house is on the right, shortly before the next stop sign.
Parking is allowed only on the left side of the street.

If you get lost, Frances' phone is 831-393-1070.  However, cell coverage
is spotty at best on the post.

See you there.



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