[Darkwood-SCA] (OT) If you are going to the Baroness' Masked Ball...

Cassandra Rossignol cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net
Fri Nov 3 00:25:00 PST 2006

Greetings to the List!

Sorry for the bandwidth, but this just came up at the last minute...

I have just been informed that certain friends and family of mine who 
live in far away kingdoms would like for my final performance as Bard of 
the Oaks to be recorded and posted on YouTube.com, so that they can see 
it, too.   However, I do not possess a video camera.  So if you are 
going to the Baroness' Masked Ball in Darkwood this Saturday (11/4) - or 
know someone who is - and you have a digital video camera that you are 
willing to either wield yourself or temporarily lend to this cause, 
please contact me off-list.

Thank you,
 - Cassandra of Darkwood

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