[Darkwood-SCA] OT: "Gothic at Midnight" from Santiago's Magic Theater and Wild Babu productions

Tim Converse santiago at santiagosmagic.com
Mon May 22 12:57:16 PDT 2006

West/AnTir War is coming.

But are you going?  If you aren't then you must need something else to
do.  Something fun.  Something exciting.  Something that will help out a
really great cause -- namely the fact that Rose and Juan are buying a home!

How can you resist an opportunity like that?

How can you help and be entertained all at the same time?

I'm glad you asked!

June 30th and July 1st at the Rio Theater in lovely downtown Santa Cruz
Santiago's Magic Theater and Wild Babu Productions present (insert drum
roll and trumpets here) --

Joshua Kane's
Gothic at Midnight
A Tribute to The Masters of The Macabre!

Join us as we cheer away an evening with tales of revenge, madness and
despair. Classically trained actor Joshua Kane, inspired by the old-time
radio dramas of Orson Welles and Vincent Price, populates the stage with
unforgettable characters, bewitching audiences with a devilish sense of
fun and whimsy. Audiences will experience a roller coaster ride of
terror and laughter.

Drawing from the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Ambrose
Bierce, and other Masters of the Macabre, Kane "amuses you with his
antics, frightens you with his intensity and charms you with his tales
of the fantastic."
--The Charleston City Paper

“If you have forgotten how good it can be to listen to a real
storyteller and be swept up in a story, or if it’s been too long since
you experienced the joy of listening to someone tell you a tale that
makes your blood run cold, you need to listen to Joshua Kane, a man
whose voice is an instrument of delightful terror.”
—Neil Gaiman
author of American Gods, Neverwhere, and Sandman

Tickets are beginning to move.  Get yours now while you can!


By going to:


where you can not only buy tickets but see a video clip of scenes from
"Gothic at Midnight" to see what you are getting into!

And remember, the more tickets we sell, the better off Juan and Rose
will be in buying their new home!

Come on.  Ya know you wanna.

Tim "Santiago" Converse

Enter a World of Elegant Magic

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