[Darkwood-SCA] help needed for gifts for Their Majesties to give at Pennsic

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Subject: [westlaurels] Gift Bags/Baskets

It being summer, or nearly so, it is once again the time of  year to ask 
if any of you, your apprentices, students or artistic hangers-on  have 
anything nifty to contribute to the largess that Their Majesties will  
be giving to various other royal types throughout this reign. Pennsic 
in  particular is a drain on these types of resources. Their Majesties 
don't  especially want to give the Kings and Queens of the other 
kingdoms identical  baskets, so don't feel the need to make 18 identical 
items. One of two  spiffy things are just fine if you have the time and 
inclination. I know  some of you have already been asked, but I wanted 
to spread the word  farther. If you'd like to contribute, please let me 
or any of the other  members of Their Majesties' court know.


Juana  Isabella

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