[Darkwood-SCA] Thank you to the best Barony in the Known World

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Mon Mar 6 21:36:26 PST 2006

Unto the coolest Barony in the Known World, does your Baron and  Baroness 
send greetings! 
We  would like to let all know of our deep felt thanks to all those who made 
our  19th  White Shield  tourney and Feast such a grand success. We would 
thank Their Majesties of the  West and Their Highnesses of the Mists and Cynagua 
for traveling to share the  day with us.  
We  would like to show our appreciation for the many who planned the event, 
all of  whom can not be listed here, from the Autocrat and Feast-ocrat and 
their hard  working teams, to the Constabulary and Heralds, List Mistress and 
Marshals  (including our Highness of the Mists, Peza, who marshaled all day), to 
those who  held our auction and set up the displays, and entertained both young 
and old  with activities such as the rain gutter regatta. 
Helping make the day a fine display of chivalry and pageantry we would  like 
to express gratitude to the 45 heavy fighters and the 9 rapiers who  comprised 
our deep list. Not a round passed with anything but the best in virtue  and 
We  would also like to give special acknowledgment to those who stepped up at 
the  last minute to help ease the workload, from Sir Wilhelm and his drama 
student  servers and dishwashers as well as students from DeGrendlus Medieval 
Martial  Arts, who pitched in to set up as well as tear down the eric and 
pavilions. All  those of every station from Duke Fredrick, to those whose first 
experience was  that very day, all helped us. 
We hope all who attended had a fine experience, and we look forward to  our 
20th White Shield next year being even yet more magnificent!  
We feel honoured to be Baron and Baroness of such a fine Barony of good  
gentles in the greatest Kingdom in the Knowne World. 
Erich  and Liesl, Baron and Baroness of Darkwood 
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