[Darkwood-SCA] Teachers wanted for Darkwood A&S

Laurie Hupman rose at santiagosmagic.com
Tue Jun 13 16:45:20 PDT 2006


Darkwood A&S is scheduled for July 7-9, in a new (to us) campground at Bolado
Park in Tres Pinos. We're looking for teachers of all types of classes, from
the weird and esoteric to the gooey and hands-on.  At the moment, we have
classes in shoemaking, blacksmithing, fencing, games, levigation, singing,
sewing, and metalworking.

For Sunday, we'd specifically like war unit and war support classes. Tactics,
weapons, um, other fightin' words, water bearing, chirurgeoning,
marshalling.... whatever makes a war happen, I'd like a class for it on Sunday

Please send your contact info and a brief description of your proposed class,
including any requirements as to class size, cost for handouts or supplies or
special needs to my co-autocrat, Marsaili (best_interests at sbc global dot

In addition to classes, there will be the Saturday evening potluck and social. 
During the potluck, we'll have the 20th Anniversary Bard of the Oaks audition
-- no this isn't the 20th bard, but the bard for Darkwood's 20th Anniversary. 
Details can be found here: 

We'll also have the first Oaken Chef Competition.  Like it sounds, the Oaken
Chef is our takeoff on the Iron Chef competitions.  There will be a table of
"secret ingredient" and a pantry of staple ingredients, but there are no
limitations.  You can bring whatever you think you might want to use and any
reference materials you think you might need.  You can have up to three people
on your team, you'll have half an hour to research/formulate your plan and an
hour to prepare three dishes featuring the secret ingredient.

Rose de LeMans
Autocrat, Darkwood A&S

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