[Darkwood-SCA] June Crown update

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Tue Jun 13 10:09:38 PDT 2006

Greetings All!
I visited the site yesterday with, my behind the scenes  autocrat, Duncan. 
The field is a good size, much larger than when we used it  years ago. There is 
ample space for camping, camping away from the eric, a war  practice/archery 
range, merchants' row and parking. 
The footing is fairly  level, but the field appears to have been mowed when 
the ground was still soft.  So you need to watch your step, but it is not 
treacherous. There is some green  grass (which could change if there is a heat wave 
in the next two weeks) and  there are stalks from mowed hay. The hay is very 
fine, not like straw. There  were not burs or foxtail-like hazzards noticed, 
but there are a few prickly  weeds. I would not go barefoot, but some people 
may choose to.

Remember,  water access is limited. Please pack plenty of water.

The fog may stay  all day, keeping the site cool for fighting, it may roll in 
for the evenings or  it may remain clear all weekend. But the site is in an 
area that gets fog  regularly.

Have a wonderful June Crown!
In Service to the  West-
Rosewitha, June Crown Autocrat

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