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Debra Cobb dcobb at mail.meyernet.com
Thu Jan 12 09:23:03 PST 2006

Greetings everyone!

This year, at White Shield, the Barony of Darkwood will hold not one, but TWO auctions to raise money for baronial events.

Starting at 12 Noon, our Annual Silent Auction will run until 8:30 p.m.  Need ideas for contributions to the auction?  Anything you think could be used by another SCA person for an SCA event or activity.  Garb, feast gear, camping gear, armor, sewing machines, fabric, leatherworking supplies, calligraphy/scribal supplies, needleworking supplies, shoes, pouches, books, food, Page School supplies, etc.  We also are in need of clothing racks and hangers to display the garb.

Then that evening we will hold a Live Auction during the feast.  Since we will only auction off 8-to-10 items, we're looking for things that are handmade or not easily available.  As part of this auction, we would like each of the cantons to make a presentation of a "basket" or "box" full of handmade goodies for the Live Auction.  If each canton desires to present one major handmade item instead of a basket or box of goodies...that's OK too!  Let your imagination run wild!  Be creative!

For questions or information, please contact the Auction coordinator, Isela di Bari, at dcobb at mail.meyernet.com or (831) 385-3040 (hm.)

Always yours in service,

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