[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood Choir practice for Jan. 10 is CANCELLED

John Giguette giguette at pacbell.net
Mon Jan 9 16:27:46 PST 2006

Hi, all.  There will be no official Darkwood Choir practice for 
tomorrow, Jan. 10.  As some of you know, I am recovering from this 
blasted cold I caught over the holidays.  I am much better, practically 
well in fact, but I have just gotten rid of a last, lingering cough, and 
am going out of my way to avoid doing things that might well set it off 
again -- such as laughing and singing.  I also feel that it is a good 
idea to wait one more week before I resume driving around in the cold 
night air on the freeway going to and from choir practice.

As you know, we will be singing "Wedding Song (There is Love)" (by Noel 
Paul Stookey of "Peter, Paul, and Mary") at Frances and Badger's wedding 
this spring.  I have just gotten hold of a score of it for soloist and 
piano, and am in the process of writing a choral arrangement for us. 
 Hopefully, I will have it completed next Tuesday to the point that we 
can look it over and perhaps begin rehearsing it.

I hope you all had enjoyable holidays and 12th Night.  See you soon.


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