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Greetings! Much has been made over the past year about the  College's
nemesis, Dread Beast Backlog. Several attacks on the monster  were
mounted over the summer, which were very successful in rallying  the
populace to defense of the Crown. However, Backlog is a fearsome  giant,
and Cousin to the more widely known Hydra, in that, having cut off  one
of its scrolls, many more spring forth in its place. So we still  need
your help!

There are many opportunities for you to join  with us to defeat Backlog,
even if you think you are not a scribe. The  College has need for
administrative aides and for patrons, and has new  programs in place for
the new or not-yet scribe to pitch in on the production  of high-quality
scrolls. Our fair Queen Eliška has also called to Herself a  Royal
Scribal Corps, with a focus of recruiting non-scribes to stunt  the
regrowth of Backlog's scrolls. To answer Her summons or otherwise  join
the Army of Lightfast Darkness in defense of our beloved West  Kingdom,
check out the College of Scribe's page on the Kingdom website -  click on
the gold ink pot on a black background. Look for the  "Volunteer
Opportunities" to see how you can get started helping right  away.

While visiting our website, you are cordially invited to read the  many
articles there, full of useful info on how the College is organized  and
operates, and send along any questions you may still have. Do check  your
listing (friends and family too!) in the Scrolls List, and let us  know
if there are any updates. In addition, there are two new  functions
available: "Recipient Verification", to help us identify who is  still
active, and "Waive a Scroll" for those who would gift the Realm with  the
waiver of one or more of their lesser scrolls still  outstanding.
Audience participation in these new features have helped to  reduce
Backlog by 20% already. Maybe you can help reduce It even  more!

And if you are a scribe...I will be stepping down as  Chancellor of the
College at Beltane. So if you've ever wanted to look Dread  Beast Backlog
right in the eye - or would like to again! - please let me know  of your
interest in the office.

In service,

Aja da  Varese

Chancellor of the West Kingdom College of  Scribes

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