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In answer to Brigit's question.....The only guideline for donating items for 
the Silent Auction is that the items pertain to the SCA.  Books, garb, garb 
accessories, promissory notes for handmade items or special services, 
feasting or camping gear, armor, archery equipment; fencing equipment, 
leather, fabric, etc.  If you do have some fabric you would like to 
share...it helps if you estimate the yardage, write it on a piece of paper 
pinned or taped to the fabric.  Same with garb sizes.

For the Live Auction, we are seeking handmade items.  For example the Canton 
of Hawks Haven is putting together a wonderful collection of items including 
woven trim and an embroidered reliquary pouch.

We will be setting up the auction tables (both Silent and Live) between 10 
and 12 noon and Saturday.  The Silent Auction should open around noon for 
bidding.  Bidding will close at 8:30 p.m.

The Live Auction will be held sometime during the evening feast.

 If anyone bidding cannot stay until the end of the auctions, then we ask 
that they make arrangements with a friend to pay and pick up the items for 
them.  Otherwise the item will be offered to the next highest bidder.

These auctions are alot of fun and a great way to start your Spring 
Cleaning.  They're also a great way for people to find items that are 
reasonably priced and not offered elsewhere.  And don't forget that with 
these auctions help fund many Darkwood activities!

See you Sat.


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> What are the guidelines for donating items for the silent auction next 
> weekend?  Whom do we give them to?
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