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Greetings good gentles of Darkwood, 
Not going to Estrella this year?  Don’t be sad come out and do some fun stuff 
in our Barony. 
Monday:  MDR  has its fighter practice at 6:30 in Prunedale.  Aelfrike has 
set up a wonderful field  with grass and lights in his back yard.  If you are 
interested call (831)663-4584 for directions.   
Tuesday: Archery Practice in Hawk’s Haven at Predators Archery in  Gilroy.  
If you are                                      interested call Sveinn 
Wednesday: Armor night and for those that don’t want to get their  aggression 
out pounding metal and playing with fire we are having a project  night in 
the house.  We are located  in Prunedale.  If you are interested  call 
(831)663-0324 for directions. 
Thursday:  Darkwood Dance in  Morgan Hill.  Come a boogie the  night away 
medieval style.  We are a  beginning dance class and it is a lot of fun.  This is 
a very social practice and we do  have people who come not to dance but to 
have a great time hanging out with  friends. 
Caer  Darth has its fighter practice at 7:00 in Santa Cruz.  It is located on 
the top of the Galleria  Parking Garage.  There is both heavy  and rapier 
Saturday:  The Darkwood “We  aren’t in Estrella pity party” at our home 
starting at 12:00 till whenever.  There will be a sewing workshop on how  to do 
Viking garb.  The armor shop  will be open.  If we have enough  people there 
will be paint ball on the hill.  Bring something to BBQ and food to  share.  In 
the evening we will be  watching bad B movies.  Now I know  it will be tough to 
beat “Hell comes to Frog Town” but I have faith in this  group to come up 
with something.  Children are welcome. Call (831)663-0324 for directions. 
Come out and play this week in the Barony. 
Baroness Liesl 

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