[Darkwood-SCA] Marshal in Charge

WINDSOR61 at aol.com WINDSOR61 at aol.com
Sun Feb 12 13:10:58 PST 2006

Greetings everyone- 

I see that there are a lot of very cool  events planned this weekend. 
Please remember that if there is going to be  fighting of any kind, you 
need a designated Marshal in Charge. This person  must be an Advanced 
or Senior marshal. This marshal is not to participate in  the fighting. 
They are in charge of insuring there are sufficient qualified  marshals 
on the field, the field is safe for fighting, and they are to  observe 
all the fighting. If there are problems (injuries, rule questions or  
disagreements)they are on hand to resolve them to the best of their  
ability. After the event, they must send a report to the Earl Marshal  
detailing any problems or concerns. If there are no problems, they  
should indicate that. 

Happy Hunting!

Deputy Earl  Marshal

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