[Darkwood-SCA] Check your calendars, please!

Laurie Hupman rose at santiagosmagic.com
Tue Aug 22 15:40:32 PDT 2006

Since it doesn't look like we'll get a canton meeting in this month,  
and our date request is due on September 1st, I'd like to schedule  
Poachers' Feast next year for June 2, with a second choice of June 16.  
  Does that sound okay?

Our second round picks go in on November 1st, and Sheaghdh has asked  
for a weekend to hold another rapier event, more in line with the  
Della Spada tourney up in Cynagua.  His only request was that it not  
conflict with Pennsic, but August looks like a pretty good month in  
general.  I can request August 17-19 -- Pennsic ends on Aug. 12, and  
Purg is Aug. 24-26 -- does that work?  Second choice could be July  
6-8, or Sept. 21-23 -- any preference?  When does Della Spada happen?

Last but not least, can we squeeze a canton meeting into September?   
Sept. 10 or 17?  UCSC has its' OPERS thingie on Sept. 19, so I'd like  
to meet before then.  Who wants to host?  Any A&S topics of interest,  
or business meeting only?

Any other business?


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