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Mon Aug 21 16:16:16 PDT 2006

I left you legs, arms, forearms and a helm with Catherine the Seneschal.
That should help you in your quest to get the stuffing knocked out of you.


On 8/21/06, Shaun Henderson <shenderson6752 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, me again, just wondering if ya'll are still having fighter practice
> tomorrow, what time it is and directions. Hopefully I'll be able to come
> and
> get knocked around a bit. Hope to hear from yall soon.
> Shaun
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The only difference between the chaos of New Orleans and a Third World
disaster operation, he said, was that a foreign dictator would have
responded better.

Has anyone else ever watched C-SPAN cover a three-hour House debate on
cloning? What a scene. Two hundred six Caucasian males in blue suits, white
shirts and red ties all declaring their all-out opposition against cloning.
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