[Darkwood-SCA] More neophyte questions...

Allan Menefee andar_b at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 16 09:12:34 PDT 2006

I just realized I've been lurking again...but I wasn't really inspired by anything to write.  Rose just asked something that got me thinking a little...

I hope Roman isn't going to be a priority... :)  I know its been mentioned a few times, but I would assume that this event will be as newb friendly as the last one (I hope.)  

I haven't made much progress, finding new things for the upcoming event.  Life has been in the way a tad.  I really did enjoy the A&S event, and am looking forward to Purg.  I've got a box of brass and aluminum rings to work with, if I could come up with a project for them (my black steel vest has fallen by the wayside, I'm not very skilled at tailoring yet.)  Besides I'm not a fighter, and a rusty black steel vest would just *ruin* my poet shirt. ;)

I *do* have a couple oval-ish cutting boards about the size of a dinner plate, and I've been told that may actually be somewhat period.  I'm looking for a reasonably period set of silver, but haven't seen anything striking yet.  My grandfather has an old US Navy set that would be perfect, but its all he ever uses!  :)  Its from WWII, but it just looks perfect for our period.  Basically its some form of real silver alloy, basically a sharpened butterknife and a three prong fork.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find something online I like.

I hope to come just a bit more prepared this time, even if I still don't have much.  I know many SCAdians have been around much longer than I, and have little more 'stuff', so I don't feel too bad.

And Rose, I don't have *any* idea what I would contribute for Taxes, if I were to contribute.  If anyone has a simple idea from those aluminum and brass rings, I'd be glad to try it. :)

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