[Darkwood-SCA] Re: Darkwood-SCA Digest, Vol 490, Issue 1

Laurie Hupman rose at santiagosmagic.com
Tue Aug 8 15:45:33 PDT 2006

If you look here:  http://www.legionxxiv.org/signum/ , the banners
have little leather straps hanging to either side.  Then if you click
on "Equipment" all the way at the bottom of the page, the straps look
the same as the military belts ("Balteus" or "Cimgulum") about midway
down that page.  I want a dozen of them.

Ideally, I'd also like to get some of the fringy-bowls and hubcaps,
but I think that might be too much to try and do before Purg.  :)


On Sun Aug  6 21:54:20 2006, vickie paynter <ramsheart at redshift.com> wrote:

> Rose, sorry ,I don't know  which strap thingies you mean.  The belt with the
> Xzena like apron thing? Or what?  Vickie

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