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FYI, and thanks to everyone who went!

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For all of you who came to my schools, Third Thursday event, Thank you  very
much.  Though the attendance was not what we hoped, after the  SCA left, just
about everyone left in attendance individually told me  how much they enjoyed
your presence.  I very much appriciate that,  and thank you again.


  The school is definately receptive to starting a club in connection  with the
SCA.  With all the rules on officers and such we would be  more then happy to
have it simply be a satalite club that is connected  with the already existing
SCA Darkwood or MDR group.  If you have  suggestions for what we need in our
constitution for the school please  help me out with this, as soon as I get
that together I will found the  club...




  (ps, please forward this to the MDR or Darkwood groups, I haven't joined them
just yet)

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