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Michelle Chapman-Thurber mct at warriorprincess.com
Sat Sep 3 22:36:23 PDT 2005

Forwarded with permission from sca-royalpeers list...for those who 
were interested in helping the SCA folks hit by Katrina...


>Greetings to the List.
>In Meridies/Gleann Abhann, we now have an SCA_only relief center set 
>up. This is someone I trust *completely*... Master Eric of Telemark. 
>He is accepting money, gift cards, SCA garb, camping equipment, care 
>packages, and help for those who have SCA refugees staying with 
>them. He is co-ordinating employment offers, help for children to go 
>to a new school, etc. He has a vast army of helpers. All information 
>is confidential. He will coordinate and distribute everything in a 
>fair and equal manner. Please send your help to:
>irongld at bellsouth.net
>that's:  irongld_AT_bellsouthDOTnet
>And yes, we need *EVERYTHING*!!!!!! Gift cards to WalMart, Sam's, 
>etc are needed because right now, if anyone tries to go down I-10, 
>I-59, or hwy. 49, very nice young folks wearing olive drab will 
>politely stop you, and send you on your way back north, as the 
>Interstates and Highway are closed. You must be a professional 
>search & rescue person, MD, etc., WITH FEMA CREDENTIALS to go 
>through the lines. It's a lot more difficult than you know to get 
>help to them. If you come down, you must carry enough fuel with you 
>to return home because there is NO gas. None. Even stations as far 
>up as Memphis are closed, and it's $6 bucks a gallon as you start 
>finding it (snort of disgust at the gouging).
>Inasfar as the Gulf Wars site, no one can go in to rebuild ANYTHING, 
>because Larry is not allowing anything to be moved or cleared until 
>the insurance guy comes--which makes sense. We can hopefully get 
>down there before Gulf Wars to have a work weekend, but that is pure 
>speculation at this point. Almost all Meridian events even fairly 
>close have been cancelled--no gas! Right now, everyone is just 
>trying to stay alive til next week....  There are people starving 
>down there. Really. And we believe the death toll will be in the 
>thousands. No one can count; many of the bodies washed out to the 
>Gulf. The city of New Orleans, isn't. No Mardi Gras this year. 
>Totally devastated, and now the whole city is being evacuated... 
>nice people, crooks, murderers. At one relief center, they followed 
>some rescue volunteers home, then robbed and murdered them. At the 
>Superdome, rape was so common no one bothered to report it to 
>police; most N.O. police fled, and what few remained are being shot 
>at by looters that stole guns. They are holed up on top of the 
>police station. Even the S&R dogs are being shot. Now they have 
>trucked these folk en masse to other locations....
>The good news is that so far, NO SCA have been declared dead. 
>Whoever on this list that was looking for Sir John the Pursewer-- he 
>and his Lady are alive and well, living in his damaged home with 
>several other refugees. As communication towers are repaired, we are 
>getting more and more reports of shaken, homeless but happily alive people.
>SO, please crosspost this link widely. We have offers of help from 
>nearly every kingdom, including Lochac and Drachenvald. (THANKS!!!) 
>And please, if you can help, please do so. The utter devastation of 
>our country is beyond anything since the turn of the last century. 
>Three states are denuded within 75 miles of the coast. Give up that 
>Starbucks coffee this week to help someone that has no water.
>I am deeply grateful for the help you have all offered.
>Ever In Service,

There is also a new aid list for you: 
SCA-Disaster at yahoogroups.com.  Anything and everything is being 
co-ordinated to get help to SCAers! I mean, here they want it all! 
Cereal, formula, diapers, feast gear, tents, hygiene products, peanut 
butter, dried milk, garb ( List as small/med/leg/ 1x,2x,etc, and 
primary colors and timespace/place). They are geared up and ready to 
take MASSIVE amounts of donated stuff, as well as financial aid to ship it.


The following message is from TRM Meridies.

Hey folks,

     We have been getting tons of e-mail messages and
our phone has been ringing off the hook from people
all over the SCA who want to help with disaster relief
for our friends down on the Gulf Coast. There is a
website now to help direct efforts in an organized

Please feel free to pass this link along.  The idea is
to organize the relief efforts so that people have a
direction in which to concert their labors and
contributions.  We are exceedingly grateful to
everyone who has offered their help so far.  It is
really great to be part of such a wonderfully generous

Maximillian and Lethrenn
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