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Thu Sep 1 16:59:46 PDT 2005

Fwd from another list:

Kenneth Flores wrote:

> I am looking for any ideas on how we could assist in the efforts to
> out the SCA members in Meridies during these troubled times.  Please,

While not in the nature of moneys, there is a plot afoot to replace the

Thrones of the Principality and Future Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, which 
are totally gone (as they were in the house where all their other 
regalia was, which is now destroyed). Apparently even the new Crowns
Coronets are gone, as well.

I have offered my services to replace the cushions, which currently
the Carolingian colors on them, with the new Kingdom's Colors/Device. 
They will probably also need kneeling cushions, and possibly
(You can find a nice (but small) image of the Royal Arms here: 
http://www.gleannabhann.org/Images/gabh3.gif )

Once this offer is accepted, I will gladly take help, especially if we 
want/they want heraldry on the cushions/kneeling cushions, or if they 
want footstools and we think we can supply same.

The deadline will likely be the end of September, as their Tourney has 
been moved back to October.

If you'd like to help, please let me know! I'll keep a tidy list of 
offers, so that we'll be ready to go as soon as we hear.

Lady Elizabeth Margarete, how can we get this project on your list?
also find out if there is other regalia for any of the other Kingdoms 
affected which could be replaced/repaired? It seems like a job for
we are well-suited, as these items can be worked on at any distance,
shipped to the recipients.

In service, I remain,
siobhan m.

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