[Darkwood-SCA] Fabric swap at Baroness' Masked Ball/Turkey Tourney, Saturday, Oct. 22

Marion McNealy m_mc_nealy at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 21 11:20:08 PDT 2005

Do you have fabric that is just a wrong shade for you? Or is the wrong type for your persona, but you bought it anyway because it was such a good deal? Is your closet filled with trim that was perfect once, but not now?  Is your significant other rolling their eyes at your ever expanding Rubbermaid tubs in the storage room? 
Well, here's your chance to exchange it for something more suitable or make sure it goes to a good SCA home! 
The Canton of MdR is running a fabric/trim/notions swap at the Baroness's Masked Ball tomorrow, and here's how it works. 
- You bring fabric, trim or other notions (clasps, buttons, etc) that you don't want or can't use. The pieces need to be of usable size and over 1/4 yard for fabrics and trims. 
- We give you a ticket for each piece you bring in, this will allow you to either 
           * Pick something new out of the swap 
             OR (If you don't need anymore fabric)
            * Donate your ticket into the pool
But what if you don't have anything to exchange? Never fear! Tickets to participate in the swap will be available for purchase for $1. 
There will be a table set up under the covered walkway by 11am for item drop off and the swap will start at 3 pm. 
Hope to see you there! 
- Lady Sophia Kress

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