[Darkwood-SCA] Class: How to Run Lists

Cassandra Rossignol cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net
Tue Oct 18 12:48:51 PDT 2005

Greetings, People of Darkwood!

Did you ever want to:  1)  Know how they keep track of who's fighting 
whom at a tournament?  2) Be the one to decides who will fight next?  
Or  3)  Make grown men & women hit each other with sticks in honor of 
your decision to visit the privy?

If so, come to my class on "How To Run A List" tomorrow night and become 
a qualified Master/Mistress of the Lists; Able to leap tall list tables 
in a single bound! ...Well okay, maybe not.  But you will learn what you 
need to know to help out with or even run the lists at any tournament event.

WHERE:  Robert & Naadirah's house (9710 Live Oak Avenue, Ben Lomond). 

WHEN:  Class starts at 7pm.  Please arrive early, but not before 6pm. 

FOOD:  We'll have a big pot of chili to feed people. Bring your own drinks.

SUPPLIES:  Bring at least one pencil and eraser.  Pens and highlighters 
with inks of various colors are helpful, too.  If you have scratch paper 
to spare, please bring it to share with other students.

DIRECTIONS:  Take Hwy 17 to the Mt. Hermon Road exit (Scotts Valley).  
Stay on Mt. Hermon Road until it dead-ends into Graham Hill Road - turn 
right. Turn right on Hwy 9. Turn right at the 3rd signal onto Glen Arbor 
Road. (there are two Glen Arbors - turn at the *second* one).   The 
second street on the left is Live Oak (Glen Arbor turns 90 degrees to 
the right at this junction). We are the 4th house on the left. Numbers 
are on the mailbox post right in front of the house.

ALLERGIES:  People with allergies should be aware that both cat & dog 
dander will be unavoidably present. 

SMOKERS:  Please be aware that your teacher for the evening is extremely 
sensitive to cigarette smoke, even just the residual clingy stuff, so 
please refrain from smoking before or during class.

In Service,
 - Cassandra Rossignol of Darkwood
   Baronial Co-List Mistress

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