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In service,

Unto the populace of the Kingdom of the West, Vyncent atte Wodegate 
sends his greetings.

It is my great pleasure to announce that a Duchesses' Ball has been 
planned for the coming Twelfth Night! You may already have heard 
whisperings among the Duchesses about this grand event, but allow me 
to describe the revel to all who might enjoy such an occasion.  
Beginning at approximately eight o'clock, there will be a grand ball 
hosted by the Duchesses of the Kingdom, in honor of our new King and 
Queen.  There must be dancing, singing, food, drink, and revelry to 
celebrate the occasion...and so there shall be!

Not only will there be music for dancing, provided by some of the 
finest musicians in the land, but there will be a fine banqueting 
table set with all manner of sweets and subtleties; performances by 
the Bards of the West and the Principalities, the West Kingdom Choir, 
and many other excellent singers and musicians; as well as tables set 
aside for playing card games, throwing dice, and conversing with 
friends.  Furthermore, we will be reviving the long-neglected 
tradition of the King and Queen of Misrule!

It is said that the Duchesses will be quite forthcoming with 
invitations to this grand affair, but in the event that you cannot 
muster your courage (or your purse) to convince these grand ladies, 
fret not.  Instead, contact your local Countess or Viscountess, as it 
is widely rumored that they have a supply of invitations designed to 
fool even the sharpest of Duchesses. 

If you would like to brush up on your dancing before the ball, there 
are a few regular dance practices that are well suited to this 
purpose, such as the Crosston practice held in San Jose/Menlo Park 
and the Darkwood practice held in Morgan Hill/Santa Cruz.  Note that 
the music for one of the dance sets of the ball will be performed 
exclusively with brass, reed, and percussion instruments.

More details will be announced as Twelfth Night draws nearer.  Please 
feel free to contact me for any questions regarding the ball or dance 
practices.  Their Graces look forward to the pleasure of your company!

In Service,

Vyncent atte Wodegate

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