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Fri Nov 11 07:42:47 PST 2005

/[Apologies for any duplicates due to cross-posting.]/

Unto the List,

In a fit of temporary insanity, I compiled a comprehensive collection of 
SCA-specific group email lists and posted it as the "College of St. 
David's SCA eList Directory":


It currently has 250+ listings, and I expect the directory will continue 
to grow over time.  Included items were fished from a sea of 
approximately 2,500 search results (yes, I read them *all*).  Most are 
West Kingdom oriented and the rest pertain to general topics potentially 
of interest to SCA enthusiasts all around the Known World.  All 250+ 
eLists in the directory are confirmed SCA-affiliated and active.

With 26 major topical categories, this puppy has got something for 
everyone - whether you're an officer, new to the SCA, or your SCA career 
is old enough vote or run for president.

Please, don't let the cramping in my hands and my geeky little psychotic 
break go to waste!  Visit St. David's new eList directory, tell your 
friends, put links to it on your website -- what ever it takes to spread 
the word.    :)

Yours in Service,
 - Cassandra Rossignol
   Web Minister, College of St. David

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