[Darkwood-SCA] Princess' Champion

The MOMstable the_momstable at rocketmail.com
Mon Nov 14 20:32:06 PST 2005

Hopefully, y'all won't mind if I post some bragging rights.

Princess Peza had 3 tourneys this Saturday, to determine Champions.

Princess' Champion - heavy fighter - Westermark's own Thug - Sir
Geoffrey Scott

And for the first time, Champions in rapier and boffer

Princess' Champion - rapier - Staffan Affruidson

Princess' Champion - boffer - Benjamin of Castlewood (B.J.)
Two of the other boffer fighters, Katrina Ivanova and Marcus, were
named Boffer Guardsman, under Benjamin. And the fourth, Aidan of
Castlewood was named Court Page.

Needless to say, I'm one proud Mommy.

Benjamin and Aidan's Mommy

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