[Darkwood-SCA] No Darkwood Choir practice tonight

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Tue Nov 1 12:15:50 PST 2005

Sorry, there will be NO Darkwood Choir practice tonight:  I am still not 
over my cold enough for that.

Since some of you asked about 12th Night:  I had not planned on us 
performing on our own at 12th Night.  However, Alessandro and I are both 
enthusiastic about the idea of the Darkwood Choir and the West Kingdom 
Choir singing some songs together as one big choir.  Tentatively, we are 
thinking about a joint effort on the following songs:
   Gaudete  (dead easy)
   Joseph Lieber, Joseph mein (moderate)
   Riu, Riu, Chiu  (easy)
   Vitrum nostrum gloriosum  (dead easy)

I will post music files of these pieces in the Files section of the 
Yahoo group.  Listen and tell me what you think.

The West Kingdom Choir is also planning to perform some other pieces 
which are much more difficult.  The Darkwood Choir will not join in 
performing those, because there simply isn't time for you to learn the 
parts.  Among them are:
    Ave Maria, gratia plena
    O plasmator
    Kyrie eleison (Guillaume Dufay)
    Alleuya, a nywe werke
    O magnum mysterium (Victoria)


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