[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood Choir practice for Tuesday, May 31, Santa Cruz

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Mon May 30 22:10:56 PDT 2005

   Hi, guys.  Darkwood Choir practice for Tuesday, May 31, will be at
the home of Giuliana deLucca.  Bring your favorite tea.  Please notify
anyone you know who is interested in the choir, but is not yet on the
Darkwood or Darkwood Choir mailing list.

We welcome newcomers.  :-)

TIME:  7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Tuesday, May 31

PLACE:  Giuliana deLucca's house

1222 Bay St. Santa Cruz, CA  95060


It's half a block towards the beach from Mission St. - the opposite
direction of St. David's.  (yahoo maps & mapquest both give accurate
directions here)

** Pet Warning **  Giuliana has two dogs and a cat.  The dogs will be
outside during choir practice.

One of the reasons we're having practice in Santa Cruz this time is so 
that I, and any of you who are interested, can go listen to my daughter 
Cassandra take the final exam in her singing class at Cabrillo College 
on Tuesday afternoon, and still make it to choir practice afterward. 
 It's a performance exam, to which friends and family (that's us) are 
invited to provide an audience.  Many of you already know and love 
Cassandra, and she would love to have Darkwood people come listen to her 

Below is the info about it she posted about it on her mailing list.


> My voice class is having its last meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, 5/31), 
> during which all the students brave enough to show up will take turns 
> performing two *short* songs each and we have been instructed to 
> invite friends and family to come fill out the audience. 
> Hopefully, most of us will have not chosen the same two songs <sigh>.
> I wanted to write sooner to invite you all to come sit and be tortured 
> by our attempts, but I was never able to get a definite starting time 
> out of my teacher.  So here's what I know regarding pertinent info:
>     Tuesday, May 31, 2005
>     Cabrillo College Campus, Aptos CA
>     Room 456
>     Will begin at either 4:30pm or 5pm and go for approximately two hours.
>     Dress comfortably for ampitheater seating.  Casual is fine.
>     Beverages are okay. 
>     Food is okay if you can eat it discreetly and *quietly.*
>     Arriving late is okay, but please listen and wait at the door to
>     make sure you enter while someone is performing.
>     Please don't leave in the middle unless you're afraid your ears
>     might start to bleed.  If so, please wait until no one is performing.
>     Please DO bring a pen or pencil, as I suspect Michelle will want
>     the audience members to (anonymously) fill out a little critique
>     form for each performer ... but that might only be a rumor.
> Fair Warning: There are a few people in this class who possess very 
> nice voices.  One or two really excellent ones, in fact.  However, 
> there are also some who have problems with tone, pitch, rhythm, tempo, 
> and remembering lyrics.
> It would, of course, be lovely to see any of you there, but don't 
> worry about it if you can't make it. ...Or don't want to <grin>.  This 
> isn't any big deal.  I mean, it's not like I'm graduating or the all 
> the bards of the West Kingdom will be there, or anything like that.  
> It's just a Final Exam for one of my classes.
> Love and Hugs,
> -Alena/Cassandra

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