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> Schedule of Activities for La Prova Dura April 8-10, 2005
> Please cross post-where appropriate - Else
> Friday, April 8th 
> Noon – Gate Opens 
> We will be checking membership cards.  The West Kingdom Welcoming 
> Committee will be present to cover the NMS.
> 7-9 pm  - Lists table open
> Be prepared to provide the following information: Title(s) (earned by
> fighting only please), Name, Household, Kingdom.  A sign-up roster 
> (http://listsroster.shireofcanale.org) is available for those who 
> like to be prepared.  The web page is currently being updating.  The 
> link may not be functional until the end of the day.  Authorization 
> cards are required.  No authorizations will be conducted the day of 
> the event.  Membership cards and consorts are not required.  However 
> only those with consorts are eligible for invitation into the La 
> Prova di Amore Invitational Tourney on Sunday.  
> Saturday, April 9th
> 	8-9:45 am – List table open
> 		See above for details
> 	10:30 Invocation
> Fighters are asked to gather in two equal lines (there is no King or 
> Queen's side) on the field.  Please group yourself by household.  All
> Fighters will be announced by a herald.  If you or your household 
> does not have one – some will be available for hire.   Upon being 
> announced, households will come into the center of the field for 
> introduction.  Heads of household may be given a BRIEF opportunity to
> speak.  Fighters fighting as individuals will be introduced by their 
> heralds after the household introductions are complete.  All fields 
> will seeded by the List staff.  There will be no challenges.
> 	11:00 Combat Commences
> In addition to the standard heralds shouts, there will be a posted 
> order of go at each field.  Fighters, please be ready for your 
> fights.  Fields will not change or condense until semi-finals.  
> Double-kills are destructive.  Bye fights are destructive.   Melees 
> may be held for the convenience of the Lists staff.
> 	After all fields have finished Semi-finals will be held on a 
> single field to be followed by finals.
> Immediately after finals, the winner will receive the La Prova Dura 
> Chaplet.  Invitations for the next day's tourney will be issued at 
> that time.
> 45 minutes after finals (not before 7 pm) The feast will commence.  
> If you will be off-board, please bring your own tables and chairs.
> 15 minutes after the Feast wraps up (not before 9 pm), Bella Luna 
> will begin their performance.
> Sunday, April 10th
> 10 am – La Prova di Amore 
> The Proof of Love Invitational Tourney.  The gallery will have chosen
> the most chivalrous fighters from each field who did not advance to 
> the semi-finals on the previous day.  Those fighters will compete in 
> their consorts' names for the glory of their consorts. 
> 4 pm – Site Closes

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