[Darkwood-SCA] Re: Darkwood-SCA Digest, Vol 195, Issue 1

Smash smash at transwarp.com
Sun Mar 13 13:33:18 PST 2005

darkwood-sca-request at armory.com wrote:

>The closest official practice to you is at the Galleria Parking structure on 
>River Street in Santa Cruz, next to the River Twin Movie theater.  Heavy 
>practice is Thursday nights generally starting about 8pm.  I am the marshal 
>for the fencing practice that meets there the same night starting at 7pm.  
>Be aware, attendance for the heavies has been sorta low as of late and the 
>Tuesday night practice at Mission College has a much larger turnout.  Let me 
>know if I can help you with directions to either of these practices.
>Damhsa Athais Dhuit,
>Happy Dancing,
>(a.k.a. Jo)
>"Life is short; bite hard!"
Unfortunately, I am a voolunteer firefigher, and I am the treasurer for 
our department.  Our business meetings are alternating thursday nights, 
and the other thursday nights through June, I am proctoring the high 
school fire department internship held at our department.

Teusdays are out, because that is our drill night.  So, I can't go over 
the hill, either.

I think I now recall that this is why I haven't been able to get 
involved in SCA fighting activities since I relocated to California.  
Nobody wants to practice on monday or wednesday nights?


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