[Darkwood-SCA] Fighting practice in the SLV?

Smash smash at transwarp.com
Tue Mar 8 23:47:53 PST 2005

I've been out of the game for MANY years.  I've been considering going 
back to Pennsic this year, but only if I can participate in the 
battles.  That being said, I need to hurry up and get re-authorized in 
at least one weapon proficiency.  I am generally extremely busy, so I 
would be greatly convenienced if I could find other warriors to practice 
with who live near me.  I am located in Boulder Creek, and I have some 
land (5 acres) to use for practice space.

Thank you for your time,


Bryan Manternach
SKA Lord Roth Newsted - Midrealm transplant to the San Lorenzo Valley.
AKA Smash Greywolf - War Eagle Clan, Tuchux.

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